Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Wheaton College Blog on Globilization


For recognition of Wheaton College's current and future involvement in global education, outreach and encouragement for students, faculty, staff, administration, trustees, alumni, family and friends.
The blog ought to serve as a vital prelude for the greater vision of intentionally "going into all the world".

An initial objective is to make known pertinent activities via blog entries. It is hoped that after several months online, a master listing of "THUNDER EVERYWHERE" activities will be compiled and made available. There is no doubt that the number and variety of international connections will be impressive. It is likely that many of these reports will truly be new news to most of us. Blog contributions are sought from all of the constituents mentioned above, whether the activity is formalized in curricula, an extracurricular program, or just a pre-born dream.

A sample entry from the Dept. of Geology and Environmental Science will soon follow.

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